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Where humans work with horses in a nature-based environment.

We specialise in results focused Equine Assisted Learning Sessions. Our programs have been meticulously designed to support and assist clients of all abilities. Along the journey clients will learn kind and compassionate horsemanship skills. 

We offer Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Courses, for like-minded individuals that wish to venture into the facilitation field. Our course considers the equine at every step and is filled with activities and learning opportunities to take facilitation to the next level. 

Our property, Poinciana Place, is a place for sessions and learning. The large hilly paddocks, sand round yard, grass arena, walking tracks and magnificent view of the Sunshine Coast allows for that connection to nature that so many of us lack.

Sounds like something you, or your loved one needs?

Contact us and let us know how we can support you. 

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Parent Testimonial

My son had such a fantastic time meeting Tully. He really enjoyed pretending to be a knight leading his horse to battle. What an awesome experience for any kid!


Parent Testimonial

Our twins have an exceptional time visiting Frieda. They have grown in confidence and feel so special to work with such a big beautiful and safe animal.


Student Testimonial

Highly recommend Equine Assisted Academy and Vivian, If you want to get accredited as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator.
Surrounded by well-handled calm horses in a beautiful setting, you practise to be present and mindful with various guest speakers and a Vivian as a great mentor/ teacher.
Good mix of both practical and theoretical learning. I came home with great ideas for session planning, safe horse handling and risk management starting up a new business.