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Remember Mel ‘Dream It Sessions’

Melissa Turner is the reason we have our ‘Dream It Sessions'. Mel left us too soon and passed at only 33 years old. Mel was a loving and giving soul towards humans, animals and the environment. She would pick up rubbish others had left and pop it in the bin without even thinking. It was a no brainer to her to help the environment. She loved animals and helped litters of puppies, kittens, foals and Australian wildlife when no one else would. She was an adventurer travelling the world to immerse herself in other cultures. She worked at sustainable farms to learn their methods and brought her knowledge home with her. She worked as a schoolteacher and taught young people with disabilities and worked in indigenous communities. She called her students ‘her kids’ and treated them as such.

Mel’s dream was to support the young and troubled. She couldn’t handle seeing little people go home to houses that had limited food and/or care. She wanted to build a safe place that they could visit for a friendly chat, a healthy meal, a bed if needed, and a lift to school. To Mel it wasn’t enough to educate children, she was driven to give more and be more for children who were enduring trauma during their childhood.

We don’t have the resources to provide what Mel wanted to achieve so we have decided to give in this small way. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from some free Equine Assisted Learning sessions and would like to be considered for our ‘Dream It Sessions’ please email us through the Contact Us page.

We have 10 sessions to give away each year, either in a block or in small bundles.

As Mel would say ‘Bye beautiful and chat soon’. 

Picture: The Brumby mare and foal Mel rescued

FREE Training

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‘Good for Horse and Human’ means our facilitation is consent based and considers the horse as an equal partner.

5 days of face-to-face learning, including demonstrations, 100's of activities, practice and tool building sessions.
Extensive course manual, including over 100 EAL activity ideas, questionnaires, intake forms, disability specific information.
EAL Certification and badge for marketing purposes IICT Membership, and the additional professional benefits this provides, including insurance.
Ongoing support.

You are in Australia or New Zealand.
You have a desire to be trained in Equine Assisted Learning and are an experienced horse person, with great social skills.
You have a location with horses suitable to facilitate a group of up to 7 people for 5 days.
You are able to find at least 4 other students in your local area that wish to be a student of the course.